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    Heating System requirements for New House (3 Posts)

  • Shifty_ONeill Shifty_ONeill @ 6:13 AM
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    Heating System requirements for New House

    Heating system requirements for house to near passive house standard. Would the following be enough:
    1. A stove with back boiler and rads for space heating
    2. Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation unit
    3. Solar Tubes and Electric immersion for DHW
    What would you suggest?
  • SWEI SWEI @ 10:00 AM
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    Somebody has to do the math

    and figure out your design loads for both heating and cooling.  Then add up all the internal sources and factor in the 100% MUA requirements.  Almost certainly will want the ERV, may need a boost from a small heat pump or other sources on that air, depending...
  • Paul48 Paul48 @ 1:41 PM
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    30 years ago

    I worked on a framing crew. We built a passive solar house that was a twin to one built in Nova Scotia. I never got a chance to see the mechancals of the house, but I can tell you that the construction is nothing like conventional. There's nothing difficult about it, but the engineering done beforehand has to be top-notch. Right from the site work, to positioning of the house and its orientation to the sun. There can't be any guesswork involved. 
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