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    Heating Help Please... (3 Posts)

  • J_Anthony J_Anthony @ 12:50 PM
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    Heating Help Please...

    Not sure on what heating system to go with here. My home (just purchased) is built on a slab so there is no basement, which makes things difficult. The current heating system is a furnace (gas) forced hot air however there isn’t any ductwork to most of the home. Therefore most of the house is without any heat that is why I need a new heating system. I plan on putting in a combi boiler, looking at the Navien CH240.

    After doing some research and having people come in it seems that I am down to two options: hydro air or radiant floor heating.

    With hydro air I have the benefit of getting central air conditioning as well. My concerns are what would be best for a home that is on a slab? Is doing radiant heat on a slab a good idea? I would be going with the panels if I did this. I doubt that the slab is insulated so I am concerned if this would be enough to heat my home in the winter (I’m in NY).

    How would hydro air system be in a home on a slab? Would it just constantly be kicking on because of heat loss due to a slab? I am re-insulating the whole house as well as we speak. What are everyone’s opinions? What’s the best system or way to go? Budget in mind :)
  • Robert O'Brien Robert O'Brien @ 2:29 PM
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    Is it a counterflow furnace(ducts in slab?) Is there an attic above the entire living space?
  • J_Anthony J_Anthony @ 2:50 PM
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    Yes, it is. There is a small crawl space attic.
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