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    A simple book on hydronic heating? (2 Posts)

  • dano415 dano415 @ 5:53 PM
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    A simple book on hydronic heating?

    1. I know I'll get hammered by the Professionals, but I respect most of your opinions--
    especially Alan Forbes.

    2. I wanted to email you directly Alan, but I didn't want to bother you.

    3. A few years ago I put in a simple hydronic heating system. I bought Modern
    Hydronics and while it was great, it was too complicated for me.

    4. My question is this; Is there a need for a simple book on the installation
    of hydronic heating. Kinda like the " Dummies series"', but with many pictures?

    5. I truly believe the main reason radiant heat is not used much on the west coast
    is because installers don't know how to put systems together. People have said
    the reason is hydronic heating doesn't jive with cooling systems, but I think that
    is just an excuse.(I know it does, but that myth exists anyway.)

    6. Please don't leave nasty comments--I don't feel well. Thanks-- if you gave me
    any input.
  • Zman Zman @ 10:39 PM
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    I agree...

    Radiant heating does not need to be as complicated as some people make it (myself included).

    Check out this one from Dan.

    This site also has great info.
    Mark Eatherton just took it over, look for more good things to come.


    Hope you are feeling better soon.
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