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    Marine Grade Heating (5 Posts)

  • NewbieIntern NewbieIntern @ 11:16 AM
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    Marine Grade Heating

    I have a question that I was hoping one of you could answer. I am working on a project that requires large marine grade heater units. I have scoured the internet and have come up with the type of metal I need (316 Stainless), but I was wondering if there were any modifications that had to be made to a basic heating/cooling unit. Or any requirements that had to be met in order to be considered a marine grade heater. Different wiring protectants? Any help would be much appreciated.

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  • SWEI SWEI @ 11:48 AM
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    What exactly

    is a "heating/cooling unit"?
  • Jamie Hall Jamie Hall @ 3:48 PM
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    Marine grade?

    or actual marine application? That is, on board a ship?

    If you mean that whatever it is you are working on has to work on board a ship, then there are a LOT of other considerations besides material. Shock loading. Ability to keep functioning when 45 degrees off level in any direction. Fail safe or fail operational design, depending on the specific application. Compatibility with sometimes slightly off spec. (to put it mildly) power supplies. Access for and ease of maintenance.

    And meeting the appropriate inspection society -- e.g. Lloyds, DV, etc. etc.

    I could think of more, but that will do for starters.

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  • NewbieIntern NewbieIntern @ 4:23 PM
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    As far as I know the unit is not intended for an actual ship application. I was not supplied a whole lot of information other than the base unit. The BTUH is under 100 per unit, and each contain a heating coil with a fan blowing air over it. It is a relatively small unit. We figure on using Marine grade stainless, but are unsure if the internals (wiring, fan, coils) require any special treatment. Thank you for your replies.
  • SWEI SWEI @ 4:57 PM
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    Location, location, location

    need to know the environmental conditions when this will actually be installed.  Greenheck, Heatcratft, and others have options for corrosion-prone environments, but you really have to know what the air contains before you can spec them.
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