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    Suffox County,NY codes (3 Posts)

  • bn bn @ 5:36 PM
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    Suffox County,NY codes

    Good eve to all and thanks for the wonderful site. Just a few quick code questions.

    1. Is there any limitation to how close to the ground a circulator can be put? Is there any sort of shock hazard in having the circulator too close to the ground?

    2. Does low voltage boiler wiring need to be enclosed in a metal sleeve?

  • Robert O'Brien Robert O'Brien @ 9:08 PM
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    On LI the AHJ is a town, village or city, not county. But to answer your question, no to both to the best of my knowledge. BTW, why would you mount a circ at floor level?
  • bn bn @ 10:37 PM
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    Application is hot water loop off stream boiler. I try to keep circ as low as practical to ensure max pressure on suction side of circuit
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