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    wiring baseboard heater to steam boiler (6 Posts)

  • wilepine wilepine @ 4:46 PM
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    wiring baseboard heater to steam boiler

    First, I would like to say this site was very helpful in helping me get as far as I am on this project. I have a Well Mclain steam boiler that heats the entire house (2 floors). There is only one thermostat on the first floor that  controls the boiler. The basement is always cold so I added baseboard heaters. I followed the advise of the people here and ran the lines below the water level of the boiler. I have a bronze circulating pump, thermostat and SR501 relay. I know how to connect it all to make the boiler fire BUT what happens if the boiler starts to make steam for the two floors and the basement thermostat calls for heat and the pump turns on. Is that a problem? Do I need a zone controller if that would be a problem?

    Thank you
  • Jamie Hall Jamie Hall @ 6:51 PM
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    Won't be a problem

    assuming that everything is piped correctly, that is.  What will happen, though, is that the circulator will be working with water which is pretty hot.  This might be a situation where, to avoid having near-boiling water in the pump you wanted the pump to be pumping towards the boiler at the end of the loop, rather than away from the boiler.  I'd have to really look at the pump characteristics to be sure.  That is, assuming that your loop is using boiler water direct.

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  • JStar JStar @ 7:53 PM
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    Install a bypass loop to temper return water into the circulator inlet.
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  • Rod Rod @ 2:45 PM
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    HW Loop of Steam Boiler

    Hi- This article of Dan's might be of help to you.
    - Rod
  • wilepine wilepine @ 10:01 PM
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    Rod, the link was very helpful and JStar thanks for the input.  I will add a bypass loop.

    I have a SR501 relay, I do not want the boiler to fire with the connection in the basement. I just want heat there and the thermostat to control it. I know the heat will have to be ON on the first floor and that is the only thermostat I want to control the boiler. Is the SR501 the right relay foe the basement.? I see people talking about a Honeywell one.
  • Charlie from wmass Charlie from wmass @ 4:19 PM
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    If you place an aquastat

    in series with the relay to turn on the burner you can have it call for heat without creating steam.
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