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    simplification of ARGO control board (2 Posts)

  • Henry_NYC Henry_NYC @ 10:43 PM
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    simplification of ARGO control board

    i have a system that needs to pass functional inspection before being replaced at a later time. I have a multy-zone system controlled by Argo az6P with priority for hot water AND az4p controllers ( 8 zones in all)
    The control boards have been flooded and will be replaced, I just need to demonstrate that the boiler is alive and will heat a house one way or another if i will replace just one of the boards..
    A simple overwrite mode if you will...

    Is it possible to connect all house thermostats in parallel to have any of them call for heat and for the system to work as ONE zone system opening all zone valves at the same time? ( after joining the valves to that same zone as well)
    Possible? Not? THANKS A GREAT DEAL!
  • Paul48 Paul48 @ 10:27 AM
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    What you are asking is simple for a professional. To merely demonstrate the system functioning is simple.If you are dealing with a flooded boiler, it needs professional attention, period. It can be life-threatening. There is no short-term cobbling that is safe, and you won't get help here.
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