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    Is my Coil to Blame? (4 Posts)

  • Cruzin1996 Cruzin1996 @ 3:33 PM
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    Is my Coil to Blame?

    Hey folks,

    3 years ago, I had a new Coleman Echelon gas furnace and York Model FC48C3XN1A coil (Serial #A0M7485986) installed in my home. Since that time, as I've fired up my air conditioning each summer season, the air hasn't come out cold and I've experienced pools of water around the unit.

    My installer explained that while my very old external York compressor unit required a replacement part and repair, there appeared to be a complete loss of Freon from the system. In each case, last year and the previous year, my installer recharged my system at a substantial cost and last year included some chemical to "seal" any leaks in the system. He did mention that I would need to replace the compressor and lines in the near future.

    Well, this year it's happened again, and I've gathered quotes to replace the old York compressor. One of the prospective cooling installation folks today explained that the FC48C3XN1A coil, specifically with my serial #(A0M7485986), has a history of leaking Freon and that it would be best to replace that relatively new unit as well! He went on to explain that he didn't believe that any of the lines needed replacing and that the coil is the real culprit. He was happy to provide a quote for the whole system. He strongly suggested that I look into the faulty coil. Have any of you fine folks experienced a problem with this model of evaporator coil and can you provide advice into where I can possibly get help troubleshooting it?


    Sean Cruz
  • JStar JStar @ 5:43 PM
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    The coil can be pressure tested for leaks. Any competent technician can do it. If they can't....well, then they aren't competent.
    - Joe Starosielec

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    (Formerly "ecuacool")
  • John Mills John Mills @ 3:00 PM
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    Leak search

    Any good tech should have an electronic detector. Our guys have no problem finding leaks without putting crud in your system like dye or worse, leak stop products.

    We aren't York dealers but did have a customer with a leaking coil last summer. York replaced the coil and helped with the labor. So certainly someone, might be better with a York dealer, should look into that. York really stepped up on these leaking coils.
  • unclejohn unclejohn @ 7:40 PM
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    That coil

    Should be under warranty.
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