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    Kitchen heat (5 Posts)

  • Plumbkeith Plumbkeith @ 8:06 AM
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    Kitchen heat

    I am installing heat in a huge kitchen which is open to the rest of the house. All the walls are covered with cabinets and appliances. There also a sliding door that goes out to the yard. Radiant heat is not an option because if a mud job is done then columns what be needed in the basement. And the homeowner doesnt want that. There is no wall space for any baseboard due to all the kitchen cabinets. Would a couple of kick space heaters do the job? If not what are my other reasonable options?
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  • Zman Zman @ 8:33 AM
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    Warm Board

    Radiant floor heat does not have to add weight. Take a look at warm board.
    Heating the countertops would be another option. If the tubing cannot be poured into the top, they could be attached the underside with joist track.
    Kickspace heaters could be sized to do the job, It just is not as nice.
  • george george @ 8:36 AM
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    kickspace heaters

    I do this all the time with good results , but don`t try to put them on the same circuit as other baseboard . Separate zone only controlled by it`s own thermostat .
  • heatpro02920 heatpro02920 @ 9:45 PM
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    Kickers should do

    When there are no other options, that is what you do... How big is the kitchen, putting enough in there to handle the entire load is sometimes the issue.. I just finished a kitchen for a customer Wednesday, they took out the 2 car garage and made it their kitchen or an addition to, so I had a finished cement floor {radiant is out, they tiled to the cement}, an existing over sized FHW boiler, and a room too large for a few toe kicks.... I installed a hydro air over the room {it was a garage so they had a little attic space there}, worked out perfectly of course....

    And its the only part of the house with AC now, also has a heatpump aux. that they opted for last minute {I brought the condenser Monday to braze it in and charge it and they decided to go with the heat pump then, luckily they had a 16 seer HP in stock...

    Not sure if it falls in the customers budget, {you obviously dont have to use a unit with a/c you can just buy a cased heat coil, fan unit and switching relay, then connect with flex duct.. EASY, and they will have a much better system than toe kicks......
    I know it sounds expensive but start installing radiant or 4 or 5 toe kicks and see what it costs, most of the time its the best option...
  • STEVEusaPA STEVEusaPA @ 10:00 PM
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    If your not drywalled yet.....

    And maybe if you are, is radiant ceiling possible?
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