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    Fingerprints on Vitodens Cabinet (6 Posts)

  • SpeyFitter SpeyFitter @ 10:55 PM
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    Fingerprints on Vitodens Cabinet

    So I'm installing a couple Vitodens WB2B-105's right now. There are some magical finger prints on one of the beautiful bright white enamelled Vitodens Boiler cabinets that don't just rub off. I'm wondering what the best way is? A method or chemical (or both) perhaps?
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  • kcopp kcopp @ 7:49 AM
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    Simple Green.
  • R Mannino R Mannino @ 9:53 PM
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    Simple Green

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  • Gilgo Gilgo @ 6:54 AM
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    Perhaps this should be a new thread, but do you know if Simple Green will also remove tire tracks from a Vitodens WB1B cabinet. Yesterday my 2 sons were finishing up a 5 zone Fujitsu installation at the summer home of a New York area HVAC wholesaler in Hampton Bays ( The Gateway to the Hamptons ), here on the Isle of Long. My oldest son hopped into one of the vans to dash off to the local hardware store to pick up some hardware to complete the installation of the Slimduct lineset covers. Now the wholesaler had delivered a WB1B Vito to the site that we needed for a job we're doing on Monday.
    My son had placed it behind the van so as not to forget it when they packed up at the end of a long and involved installation. I think you can see it coming. He threw the van into reverse and backed into, but mercifully not over, said Vitodens. Think Viessmann will cover that under warranty?
    Fortunately, our very talented helper was able to do a little bodywork on the burner compartment cover and the Vito looks good as new. I'll let you know if the Simple Green works on the tire tracks!
  • heatpro02920 heatpro02920 @ 8:58 AM
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    That sucks...

    I ran over a customers lawnmower before... I was doing a annual service, packed up the truck when I was done, went inside to collect the payment, meanwhile their son was cutting the grass and parked their lawn mower behind my truck. and I have a bad habit of returning all the phone calls I missed while at a customers home as soon as I get back into the truck, well long story-short, my 3500 utility bodymade short work of that lawnboy, I had one of my guys run by the local sears and pick them up a new mower.
    So lesson learned- $399 mower and I was there for a $179 service...
    I have also dropped my share of units, about 4 months ago a ratchet strap broke and I dropped a 95% armstrong furnace on 95N, about 3 cars in front of a trooper of course... He stopped traffic and helped me load the mangled unit back onto my truck... He seen the broken strap so no "unsafe load" ticket, but my supply house was nice enough to say it happened at their facility so all in all it wasn't bad...

    Good luck with the tire marks...
  • R Mannino R Mannino @ 10:05 PM
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    Automotive Compound

    if your having a tough time with the tire tracks.

    Say that three times fast!!!
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