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    Mfg Housing and a boiler.... (6 Posts)

  • kcopp kcopp @ 1:41 PM
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    Mfg Housing and a boiler....

    Does anyone know if there is a Combi boiler that is Approved for Mfg./ mobile homes?
  • kcopp kcopp @ 8:37 AM
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    This is an....

    existing Mobile... in 2004 another htg contractor installed a Quietside QVM90 combi and it is toast now..... boiler discontinued. Never pulled a permit. Now the HO is getting the local inspectors in and the State fire Marshall involved... They are not really doing a whole lot to say yes or no to what was there.
    I am throwing in a 30 gallon electric WH for now but she will have no heat come Oct/nov.... Thoughts?
  • Aaron_in_Maine Aaron_in_Maine @ 12:39 PM
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    I know the Rinnai water heaters were approved for mobile homes. Maybe the boilers are as well?
  • kcopp kcopp @ 1:51 PM
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    the boilers are not. Not wild/ happy about this but I am going to have to use a tankless WH (Noritz) approved as a "boiler" and mobile homes.... its the only legal way around it.
  • HDE HDE @ 2:04 PM
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    Is it a true mobile home?

    Read the HUD rules carefully. If its a manufactured home permanently installed then the HUD rules don't apply. However if its got wheels on it, then usually the HUD rules apply meaning sealed combustion and gas field convertible
  • kcopp kcopp @ 11:47 PM
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    ya its got wheels...

    whole thing is a mess. Trying to fix a situation that never should have happened.
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