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    OK wallies

    I am not going to preach to you guys today , just-ed wanted to pass on some good news today.
    I recently got involved with a large church that has had several problems for the last 7 years and got called in to help.  I was working on a 20 ton split not going to call its name . First let me tell you good folks some facts about the system. Somebody decided to replace the condenser on a 45 year old air-handler
    I found through some serious investigation they put a 20 ton unit on a 15 ton coil lmao rotf. I got my good friends at the COIL COMPANY out of Poali, Pa. to build me a coil and by the way these guys are great.Ask for Jack Lyoins
    I recovered 69lbs of r-22, put a new tx valve,new drier and new pump down valve, pressurized system to 400 psi and then evacuated system down to 450 microns I installed 59lbs of 421a and 6 ounces of poe oil because of the vertical rise and that is what is recommended. The  pressure were great, great oil return, great discharge and suction temps. Great sub-cooling temps. Best news of all is the ac unit coled better than it did when it first was installed. Thank you Ken Ponder (RMS FIRST CHOICE DISTRIBUTOR ) 



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    What was the old vs. new TXV's? How hi is the vertical riser? Liquid line FD only ? The comp has an oil eye? Whats the warmest ambient this unit has run at?
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