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  • jonny88 jonny88 @ 6:28 AM
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    pex or copper,cast or pvc

    How do you guys/girls feel about all the changes in modern plumbing.I was trained using cast iron and copper.I have to admit I find it very hard changing to pex .Maybe its me but I really dont working with it but at the same time I understand this is how the industry has gone.Also i was in my supply house last week,there was a conversation about rewriting the code books.They want to change the word nipple,gas cock etc as it is sexist.Believe me I have nothing against female plumbers I actually work for a licensed female plumber and she really teaches me a lot.I cant imagine what the old timers must feel like having had to wipe all there joints and seeing what plumbing has become.
  • zacmobile zacmobile @ 12:53 PM
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    I started my apprenticeship just as Poly-B was being phased out (I've done a handful of rough-ins with it that are still going strong, lol!) I've done lot's of copper rough-ins too and hope to never do one again; unbelievably time consuming and i've done a few tearouts to replace with PEX because the copper had become paper thin, I can't comprehend why anyone would prefer it over PEX. I always get a laugh watching Mike Holmes when he get's all excited when his plumber is installing some PEX like it's a brand new invention when i've been using it for almost 20 years!

    I remember my instructor (who was on the plumbing code board) when I went for my second year schooling (around 1996 or so) saying the exact same thing about nipples & gas cocks! But nothing has changed as far as i'm aware. (this is in Canada BTW)
  • RobG RobG @ 3:12 PM
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    Don't Forget!

    Don't forget the infamous "Ball Cock" which is now referred to as a "toilet fill valve"
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