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  • Paul S Paul S @ 3:39 PM
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    How come on allot of York...Carrier...etc packaged units....there is only a high side pressure tapping on the discharge line of the compressor and not on the outlet of the condenser coil...I always get very high pressure readings would I be able to check my subcool on these jobs...thanks Paul S
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    The difference between the liquid line pressure and the discharge line pressure is pretty negligible. If their is no place to measure liquid pressure just use the discharge pressure convert it to temperature and then subtract the liquid temperature from it. Should be 15-20 deg. I have seen systems that don't track right. I usually stop charging when the sub-cooling temp is correct or when the sight glass is clear whichever comes first
  • Paul S Paul S @ 9:23 PM
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    What do you mean"don't track right"?...Paul S
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