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    Fitting question (10 Posts)

  • bill bill @ 3:56 PM
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    Fitting question

    About 25 years ago I plumber friend of mine noticed a street ell in a gas piping system I did. I was told that you shouldn't ever use St. ells in a gas system because the male section of it has a reduced inside diameter than regular pipe.
    Well 25 years later I just heard the same thing
    BTW the inspector never said anything and only now did I hear this again.
    Truth or fiction?
  • JStar JStar @ 6:16 AM
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    Here in NJ, the local gas utility uses A LOT of street fittings. I personally think the same as what you have heard. They do cause a restriction. And, they are more difficult to tighten with a wrench.
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  • MikeyB MikeyB @ 9:57 PM
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    Street ftgs

    My old boss taught me to only use street el's and street 45's only when absolutely necessary for the same reason  
  • Aaron_in_Maine Aaron_in_Maine @ 2:55 PM
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    If your piping it that close that a street fitting makes a difference. Bump it up a pipe size problem solved.
  • Tom Tom @ 6:06 AM
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    In my gas class

    They told me it was because there is no ability in a street fitting to bend and stretch if the building collapses, same thinking with a close nipple that is all thread, if the building crashes down it will break spilling gas. I said if that was the case why are they made? Instructor just said just don't use them...? I like your reason better, but when I absolutely need it I use them.
  • LPGasman LPGasman @ 6:21 AM
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    If the building falls

    I don't think it much matters what fittings were used somethings going to break, especially with the crap pipe and fitting being sold lately.
  • Henry Henry @ 2:09 PM
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    Prohibited practice

    We in Canada specifically prohibit street elbows and tees. NFPA 54 does not.
  • Techman Techman @ 8:06 PM
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    The measurements of the st. ell part is different than the gas pipe itself?

    No T's in Canada? How?
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  • Henry Henry @ 8:49 AM
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    Street Tee

    Street tees are are prohibited, as well as nesting bushings.
  • MikeyB MikeyB @ 9:45 PM
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    Nesting Bushings

    Henry, when you mention Nesting Bushings is that the same as saying face bushings? Thanks 
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