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    'JUMPING A COMPRESSOR' - how serious a problem is this? (5 Posts)

  • elfie elfie @ 6:10 PM
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    'JUMPING A COMPRESSOR' - how serious a problem is this?

    i guess bypassing controls designed to protect a compressor is a bad thing to do.

    but what is the risk of doing this, and how can it hurt a compressor?

    what is being protected? I am being asked this question by others who are less informed about AC maintenance issues (ie. those who say 'jump the compressor and if compressor works, then its ok) 

  • Techman Techman @ 5:32 AM
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    Very serious

    Any/all safety/limit/protectors, are there to protect the expensive compressor. Proceed at your own risk! This "jumping a comp" means bypassing safeties? As compared to "jumping safeties" ? New to me! By bypassing any control to see if/how the comp runs is not all that bad, but you had better be prepared to shut the unit off at the 1st sign of trouble . Why did the safety trip in the 1st place? Might this "jumping the comp" mean reversing( single phase) a "stuck comp" to see if the comp runs?
  • Empire Empire @ 4:58 PM
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    Honestly...It's critical.

    Just depends on what controls and safeties you are jumping.  Are you willing to eliminate a safety control and eat the cost of your inexperience or even worst a injury or death because you or you friends were just starting out?  Techman stop being so relevant and use you safety senses.  Think about the question.  Step back and call a professional. 

    This is like the A/C professional in a can for cars............  That's just great.  I cannot believe what I am hearing on some of these posts.  It surprises me that electrocution isn't the first order of business!!!
    Help is on thing, but a broad non advised question is only going to cost someone something and I just hope nobody gets hurt!
    I thought if I stepped away from the wall it would become more knowledgeable, but at the sake of common sense....?  Disappointed.


    Mike T.

    Mike T.
  • Techman Techman @ 7:29 PM
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    Mike T.

    I was worried. Taking a step back , good for you and your brain. Mike T. be a lot more relevant so I can take an 1/8 of a step back. LOL LOL. The Wall is less knowledgeable w/o your input, for sure.
  • unclejohn unclejohn @ 10:44 PM
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    It is

    Sometimes better to see if a compressor will run and pump before you put that new fan or blower motor in. If on the other hand you can't tell if the compressor is running and pumping in two minutes then by all means call someone in who can.
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