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    Bad TXV ? (3 Posts)

  • Jim Pompetti Jim Pompetti @ 12:32 AM
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    Bad TXV ?

    Ambient temp 85° F , box temp( low temp) holding about 30 ° F. High super heat. Suction  presure 5 to 10  psi Head pressure around 225 psi . Evaporater frost (heavy) and evenly. Suggestion any one
  • RJ RJ @ 9:27 AM
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    What type of refrig,  walk in box or under counter,  what temp are you trying to maintain, are the derfost heaters oper.  what type control , low press. control or liquid line sol. valve, door gasket condition.  has someone been leaving door open.
  • unclejohn unclejohn @ 10:37 PM
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    We fer sure

    Need every thing RJ asked and always start with a clear clean evap coil.
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