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    condensation on floor (5 Posts)

  • isaac isaac @ 1:27 AM
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    condensation on floor

    i recently installed a wall mounted 4 zone system with heat pump in my basement. the floor was also redone in ceramic tile in all 4 rooms. i ran 1 zone for 2 nights on a/c and on both nights that i ran the unit i found condensation on the floor - much of it under the beds. i spoke to installer and he told me to run it on dry mode. this isn't solving the problem in the long term - (even though i successfully did run it in dry mode with no problem) and it doesn't allow for flexibility in temperature settings. any ideas? there was no moisture near the unit as the beds are towards the middle of the room. the room is relatively small and i do live in an area with a relatively high water table( but not high !) thank you for your help in advance
  • SWEI SWEI @ 9:12 AM
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    What kind of system is this?

    Forced air or radiant flooring?
  • isaac isaac @ 11:52 AM
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    air source

    i am assuming it is considered forced air since it is coming from the split unit
  • Zman Zman @ 9:15 AM
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    I hate to be the one to state the obvious. You need to dehumidify the air. The warm air in your basement is saturated. This may be due to the surrounding soils being moist and perhaps a lack of proper vapor barriers under the concrete. As soon as you cool the air, it can no longer hold on to vapor and it condenses. The moisture you see under the bed is inconvenient, I would be more concerned about the area you cannot see, like behind the drywall. These areas can turn into nasty mold farms.
    One way or the other, you need humidification. Also be sure you have proper gutters and drainage around the house.
  • isaac isaac @ 11:51 AM
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    ty for your response. i was looking into wave home solutions as a dehumidification. are you familiar ?
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