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    Indirect DHW tank (3 Posts)

  • Parx Parx @ 3:44 PM
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    Indirect DHW tank

    I am going to install a indirect tank. I was looking at the triangle tube, just because that is my boiler. I was also interested in the Heat Flow. Any thoughts?

    Also, I was going to run glycol in my radiant mix. Should I put a heat exchanger for the indirect tank so not to have any chance of dhw contamination? Or is that just a wasted of time and extra expense and trouble for another circulator?
  • SWEI SWEI @ 4:05 PM
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    Inidrect choice

    We like the TT indirects, particularly for areas with hard water.  Not so good if you have high chlorides.

    Do you actually need glycol?  We try to avoid using it whenever possible.  Some jurisdictions require double wall HXes for DHW, so check with your AHJ.
  • Parx Parx @ 4:19 PM
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    Yes, uncertain of where some of the baseboard runs go. I have found one circuit close to an outside wall after if froze( was using the fireplace and the circuit did not turn on all day and night. Next morning no heat!)
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