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    seal blown/leaking? (2 Posts)

  • sgull sgull @ 2:05 PM
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    seal blown/leaking?

    Where I work we have an electric motor like this (first picture) that helps to pump from the tank to four separate oil furnaces (an auxiliary fuel unit in addition to the fuel pump on the burner).  I noticed leakage/drippage under this auxiliary fuel unit, and upon investigation saw some brownish goo oozing out of the back of the fuel unit (pump) where the shaft input is.  Can't see it too good in the (second) picture here but it's back in there where I described. So what's likely the issue here?  I'm not a technician just a maintenance guy so will probably be calling in a pro to check it out but am just inquiring initially here.  Thanks.

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  • billtwocase billtwocase @ 6:56 AM
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    time to replace

    they start out with what looks like a grease on the under side of the pump shaft, and then it becomes a drip
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