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    Thoughts on these new products? (12 Posts)

  • Dan Holohan Dan Holohan @ 9:55 AM
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    Thoughts on these new products?

    A friend in Europe tells me they're taking the market by storm over there. What do you think? Relevant to the U.S. market?

    Specifically the Guardian and the Flowsave.
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  • Paul48 Paul48 @ 10:22 AM
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    Nice little valve, but I have my doubts about the savings claimed as applied in the video.It would seem to fall under the "Six of one, half-a-dozen of the other" umbrella.Turn the hot water on "low" and wait? Wow, there's an
  • Dan Holohan Dan Holohan @ 10:33 AM
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    I think the value is that it forces you to do it.

    How about the Guardian? Get a chance to look at that? Thanks.
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  • SWEI SWEI @ 11:31 AM
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    Not exactly sure what the Guardian is

    but I like the Ultra Clean Pro.  Placing the magnet in the center of the dirt separator should give it the lowest velocity water to work with.  I wonder if they've patented that?

    Now add it to a hydraulic separator (a la Caleffi, B&G, etc.) and make it in larger sizes...
  • GuardianTech GuardianTech @ 12:12 PM
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    Hello All. HeatingHelp have very kindly agreed to post some information on products we wish to bring to the USA.
    I have asked him to post and see what feedback we get and if we can advise along the way. We take that view that if you guys know your market and can give us some constructive feedback.
    This is not a manual valve. It is a Flow Stabilised thermostatically limited valve designed to restrict flow from Tank-less Gas Water heaters or Combination Gas Boilers as we use here in the UK. 
    The valve is calibrated and set at 3 litres or about 0.8 US Gal. This serves several purposes. It retards the flow through the boiler allowing the heat exchanger to heat up more rapidly. Once the Flowsave reaches 107F it opens fully and delivers hot water to the outlet in use at the time.
    This reduces water and Gas loss while waiting for the boiler to reach delivery Temperature. Here in the UK it has been tested and is shown to reduce water loss by as much as 15,000 US Gals and reduce Gas loss by about $100 per annum. This equates to a saving of about $200 per year and a very short repayment time of 3-4 months.
    It is important to note that the valve is automatic. It does not require the Home Owner to do anything other than to learn to accept the lower flow rate while the boiler is heating up. Once open normal service is resumed and a perfect shower is delivered. 
    We would like your feedback and if possible any guidance you can give us on how this might be received across all US markets. IT is driven here by the very high Water and Gas Utility costs so is really a No-Brainer. It takes 10 minutes to fit and is a very good additional sales contributor for our markets and Installers.
    Thanks To All.
  • Robert O'Brien Robert O'Brien @ 1:52 PM
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    Question,what is the cost per therm of natural gas in the UK?
  • GuardianTech GuardianTech @ 4:23 PM
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    Water and Gas cost in the UK

    Quickly checking costs of both water and Natural Gas in the UK:
    Per Therm Gas is costing about $2.00 and water is costing about the same per cubic meter.
    In comparison your are paying about 50% less in the US so annual savings would be approximately half those achieved in the UK.

    When considered with the environment in mind, available water, Gas reserves and a whole host of costs involved in moving water the Flowsave is relevant.
    These costs show a repayment time of closer to 12 months installed but over the life of boiler savings in excess of $1200 based on a 3 person basic home. Of course increased use increases the costs.
  • Robert O'Brien Robert O'Brien @ 5:08 PM
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    I'm sure therm consumption per home is much greater here anyway. Is a threaded version available? How will you go to market? Direct or through the standard distribution chain?
  • SWEI SWEI @ 2:03 PM
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    Natural Gas

    out here in New Mexico costs roughly $0.60 per Therm right now at retail, including surcharges and taxes.  This makes it difficult to sell efficiency at the moment.

    What can you tell us about the Ultra Clean Pro?  I'm assuming that is what is being referred to above as "The Guardian"?
  • Robert O'Brien Robert O'Brien @ 11:16 AM
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    DHW recirc

    I'm not sure a society that loves recirc is concerned about this?
  • Dan Holohan Dan Holohan @ 11:36 AM
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    The magnetic filter

    protects their combi-boilers from sludge. 
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  • Jack Jack @ 4:23 PM
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    Thank you!

    Much obliged for the info
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