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    peerless ect oil to gas conversion (3 Posts)

  • edge edge @ 8:19 AM
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    peerless ect oil to gas conversion

    I've got a Peerless ect currently oil fired and would like to convert to gas with a Carlin  EZ if it is possible and legal to do so .Boiler warranty is not a concern ,only whatever paperwork or approvals that I may have to deal with.Any advice would be appreciated
  • JStar JStar @ 9:07 AM
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    Did one yesterday. Did a whole lot last year. Go for it. Just be sure to have a tech that does these very often. There is a lot to know and do on these conversions.
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  • j a j a @ 6:59 AM
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    If I were you I would go online and read the manual of the appliance you are thinking about using..As a homeowner pay more attention to information on safety,not so much about the actual install…This will better equip you to ask the correct questions to the installer….As with all gas appliance additions check with gas company and see what size is your service,don’t just look yourself it may be an inserted line….Then check your riser size and meter size….Ask gas company what the pressure is in your area,they will give it to you in in. of water column…There is a lot of homework to do before you do the actual install…Some manufactures require s/s chimney liners….You have already started doing the right thing,,,Get some basic knowledge,and ask the correct questions before you invest your hard earned monies...
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