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  • Mpj Mpj @ 4:18 PM
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    I'm looking at boiler replacement job with a total house load of about 75,000 BTU's. I'm thinking about a mod-con with a buffer tank. The house has 6 existing zone and a 80 gallon indirect, the zones are kinda small and only doing a couple rooms each. They have a interior bathroom that has a radiant floor which is about 1,200 BTU's.
    How would you guys pipe in this radiant zone? Mixing valve? I series valve? something else?
  • Rich Rich @ 5:14 PM
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    Is this

    bathroom it's own zone with a dedicated thermostat or an individual loop off of a manifold ?   
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  • Mpj Mpj @ 3:49 PM
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    Yes, the bathroom is its own zone. It currently have a three way mixing valve off the boiler. It has a t87 thermostat controlling the circulator. 
  • SWEI SWEI @ 4:05 PM
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    Total houe load

    Is that a calculated heat loss?  Why so many zones?  Might be an opportunity to simplify things...
  • Mpj Mpj @ 8:14 PM
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    Yes, that is the total house load. He want to keep almost every room on its own zone.
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