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    I know now why I quite coming to the wall (5 Posts)

  • N/A @ 9:46 PM

    I know now why I quite coming to the wall

    It is full of uneducated folks who think our industry is something you can learn over night
  • JStar JStar @ 10:31 PM
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    Then stick around and do something to change that.
    - Joe Starosielec

    Guaranteed performance. Guaranteed energy savings.

    Serving all of NJ, NYC, Southern NY State, and eastern PA.
    Consultation anywhere.
    (Formerly "ecuacool")
  • RobG RobG @ 11:51 AM
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    If you are

    If you are going to quit The Wall, you might want to spend your free time taking grammar and spelling courses.
    The Wall is a tool for all to use.
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  • Rich Rich @ 10:33 AM
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    You obviously

    did not quit visiting the Wall cause here you are .  There are many more educated guys than the opposite , you just have to exercise some self control and common sense and use the tools offered and ignore the nonsense . Or not .
    You didn't get what you didn't pay for and it will never be what you thought it would
  • Spence Spence @ 4:17 PM
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    The Wall

    It is my firm belief that 4/3 of us are highly educated.
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