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    Firematic valve placement (4 Posts)

  • Ron Jr. Ron Jr. @ 10:48 AM
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    Firematic valve placement

    I know codes vary and some places might not require one at all .  But where is the correct place to install one on an oil fired unit ?

    We've been going back to a few installs to add one right at the inlet of the oil burner pump . But I'd much rather have it installed where it'll be turned occasionally . Right before the oil filter . Because the spring in the valve almost always gets stuck open if it's not exercised ......
  • billtwocase billtwocase @ 5:12 PM
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    Hello Ron. Here in Mass it's one at the tank, and one at the burner. It is good to use them to keep them from getting stiff
  • Ron Jr. Ron Jr. @ 10:01 PM
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    Thanks Bill !

    Not a requirement at the tank here . Been going back to jobs we did after Sandy to bring them up to code . Firematic before the filter on every one . About 6 now that had to be moved to the pump ......... 
  • billtwocase billtwocase @ 8:33 PM
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    welcome Ron

    I would imagine you are very busy. Make sure you take some down time before summer is gone
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