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    yep the r- 22 joke is out (2 Posts)

  • N/A @ 4:50 PM

    yep the r- 22 joke is out

    Judge Brown ruled in suvas favor.  (lol rotf smfp). Ye-pp we just-ed allowed 110 million tons of carbon to be dumped into the air. Yes sir the bottom on r-22 should fall out in the next few weeks fellas. The good ole boy system is still going strong and nobody cares anymore, so you can laugh or make fun if you desire. Yep them boys at the one large wholesale house is about to poop his draws boys. if i HAD STOCKED PILED OVER 110 MILLIONS POUNDS OF R-22 I WOULD BE SCARED TO. A judge just-ed over turned the ruling and now &^%$#  can dump another 100 or so more million pounds of 22 on the streets. No guys I know I am not real popular and really don't care and for those of you that don't believe this will hurt our air we breath put this down in your little black book. Now 40 years from now when you young folks out there have to wear air tanks and other breathing devices, I told you so. Instead of complaing about my grammar why dont you fellows get more involved. Now I am a not a  betting man but I expect r-22 to be down below $ 200.00 a drum before long.
  • unclejohn unclejohn @ 8:29 AM
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    I hope it

    Goes to about $40.00 a drum my own self.
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