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    Condensation problem (2 Posts)

  • Edd Edd @ 7:17 AM
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    Condensation problem

    A few years ago we had an ac unit added to our forced hot air furnace (Hallmark) and for the first time are experiencing condensation dripping out of the furnace around the sheet metal joints. I expect there is a condensate tray of some sort, but I have no idea as to how to access it.. Is there some kind of pump to remove this condensate?

    The duct work to an from the furnace is insulated and doesn't appear to be the problem. My guess is the condensation is forming on the inside of the furnace.

    Any advise or suggestions would be welcomed.
  • unclejohn unclejohn @ 8:26 AM
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    Drain Line

    Is clogged. If it has a trap which it shouldn't, the clog is likely their. Sometimes tapping with the rubber end of a screw driver will clear it. If that dosent work give a blast of water from a garden hose up the drain for about 2 seconds.
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