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    New control help (2 Posts)

  • Schlitz Schlitz @ 6:06 PM
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    New control help

    I'm installing central AC, into my forced hot air system.  I need to install a R8184M control in place of the R7184B control need some wiring help. Have new T-stat and wires installed, from T-stat to the new R8184M controller.  Do I just jump the red and white wires from the new control to the old Red/white connections?
  • Steamhead Steamhead @ 8:46 PM
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    Don't do it

    there is an A/C adapter for the R7184 series that includes the transformer and extra terminals you need.

    If you use the R8184M, you'll lose the valve-on delay feature that the manufacturer specified. That can cause operational problems and warranty issues.
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