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    Leak seal (6 Posts)

  • Paul S Paul S @ 2:58 PM
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    Leak seal

    how do you guys feel about those refrigerant leak they work/do they harm system?.....thanks Paul S
  • RJ RJ @ 3:12 PM
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    Had a bad exp.   used on a low temp Kramer hot gas defrost  R 404 system ,  ended up with restrictions in system
  • Paul S Paul S @ 7:13 PM
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    What do you think is the best way to approach trouble jobs with leaks Paul S
  • RJ RJ @ 9:09 PM
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     One way is to press test with nitrogen, check with liquid leak det. solution. Another way is to use a good electronic leak detector while unit still has a refig charge or add nitrogen with a refrig. tracer.   There are dyes you can put into systems, I found they are messy and hard to get out of your guages,
  • Spence Spence @ 8:44 AM
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    Leak Detection

    Go with RJ; nitro and tracer refrigerant. Only two things belong inside your system, period: refrigerant and oil.
  • unclejohn unclejohn @ 10:53 AM
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    I tried

    Both Superseal, the one with the one time use hose and the other one that you can reuse a hose that is sold seperatly. Had a lot of trouble with superseal. Could not get it out of the can and stopped using it. So far with the other [sorry I can't remember the brand but in the DC area I've only seen the two ] I have been back to add freon on one. I'm not inclined to use either anymore.
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