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    Central Fan Integrated Supply (3 Posts)

  • Jesse_Smith Jesse_Smith @ 10:13 PM
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    Central Fan Integrated Supply

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a big fan of Dan's books and this forum. I searched previous posts, but came up empty-handed.

    I work mainly on residential systems. I have a preference for central fan integrated supply ventilation, and am considering incorporating economizers into some of my installs. Is anyone aware of a thermostat (or other control) with functions for both a CFIS and economizer? Would be great to use only one intake, and motorized damper to vary air volume, but this might be too much to ask.

    This is purely academic and not for a pending project. Would also be curious to know if anyone has any technical misgivings about doing something like this.

  • SWEI SWEI @ 10:50 AM
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    CFIS control is the company I have seen most of, but I[m not 100% sure how the economizer feature interacts with that, unless I start from scratch using DDC.

    Belimo recently announced an add-on economizer control that I thought looked interesting  No experience with them yet.
  • Jesse_Smith Jesse_Smith @ 7:36 PM
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    Thanks for the info. I've used fancycler, but never as economizer. Are you saying they have the controls for both somewhere? Your 2nd link doesn't seem to work. What's the name of the product?
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