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    I was warned (5 Posts)

  • Techman Techman @ 6:53 AM
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    I was warned

     in class about the blended freons causing problems w/ O sings, Schrader inserts, and some of the other stuff inside refrigerant control devices. So, I replaced a refrigeration cond unit/TXV and added R-422b , the next day I replaced a leaking LL solenoid valve. Then I put the same Freon into a 20 year old res system ,new Schrader inserts, and the next day the suction service valve is leaking .

    Does anyone else see the same results w/ other r22 replacements?
  • steamy ray vaughn steamy ray vaughn @ 8:42 PM
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    422b problems

    we used it on a 30 unit for a compressor change out and the new compressor shelled out with in 2 hours and $10,000 later.  Trane will not warranty any unit with 422 due to oil return problems.  they claim 5-8% eff loss but with a 12 degree temp drop it's more like 25-28%  we quit using it for good.  Nothing like r-22
  • Empire Empire @ 6:30 AM
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    Leaks, destruction, mayhem.....

    While I have seen R422b and read the TP chart, why would anyone consider using this ref. when many others are within 1.5% rating on TP chart as compared to R-22?  NU-22B is much closer and oil remains the same.  Currently experimenting with mixing R-22 and NU-22b to see operation and outcome.  Still doing research and testing to put fourth some kind of educated opinion.  It's crazy how many new ref. selections are available.  As far as leaks, "o" rind destruction, etc... haven't seen any.

    Mike T.
  • John Mills John Mills @ 3:35 PM
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    We have a couple units in our service area using it, we didn't put it in though one was a unit I sold. Marginally sized and cooled fine. ICOR's office is cooled with a hodge podge of residential splits, all with their gas in them.

    Trane says if you just have to use an alternative, use 438a and add POE oil for oil return purposes. I wonder how many guys using the alternatives do that. Could run into problems if they don't.

    With the price of 22 these days, might as well use the genuine article.
  • N/A @ 11:24 PM

    techman i hope this helps

       First of all blends are here. 410a is a blend. the schrader valve issue is not something new. The little tire valve insert lol known as the schrader stem that you buy off the shelf for r-22 is not recommended for 410a or any other blends, most part wholesale personnel won't tell you that much less know.  I hope this might help sir, I know that in this world of high speed inter-net everybody has a opinion and there is a lot ad I mean lot of bs floating out there.
       I personal use 421a for r-22 replacement and for a lot of medium temp applications.421a is one of the very few blends that contains no propane.I have used this product for years and the manufactures will warranty any compressor loss if you follow the guidelines
       While I am posting I want to express my lack for not being a better Stewart to our industry and being such a donkeys butt. I want everyone to know if they have any questions about hvac or use of a blends; please call me. I will be glad to help if possible. I have battled with body pain due to old age and sometimes turn into a grumpy ole mf and I apoligize for this. But guys please email me if you have a question, I will be glad to help. I dont know everything but know a lot about hvac and refrigerants.

    Peace be with you

    david c. broome 
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