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    Here is the new system, Oil to Gas in MA (Thank you) (4 Posts)

  • H3809 H3809 @ 6:29 PM
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    Here is the new system, Oil to Gas in MA (Thank you)

    First off, Dan, Thank you, for everything I learned and read both in your books and on this site and using your Find A Contractor link
    To everyone else thank you for your knowledge, many of my questions were answered in previous posts my other members, thank you for your help.

    The old oil system was a noisy over sized, short cycling, spitting, expensive beast. This journey started last winter when after moving in to my new home I realized I had a problem.... I found this site and the adventure began. Two books later (We got Steam Heat and The Lost Art of Steam Heating) and too many hours reading on this site (just ask the Mrs) I was confident I knew enough to find a good contractor. I used the Find a contractor link and found Titan Plumbing and Heating in MA (not sure if I can name drop but I'm so happy they deserve a plug)

    Pictures speak a thousand words, oversized, no Hartford loop, copper in the middle of steam runs, no pipes hung, reductions in the middle of runs, just a mess

    Converted to Gas with a Power vent, I was worried about the noise factor and it is nothing like the old oil burner, I was worried for no reason. Added a hot water loop and superstore. I know I still need to insulate pipes, and I will.

    Thanks again to everyone and (shameless plug) Titan Heating. I credit all of you in educating me to get the system I need and the know how to avoid knuckleheads.

    Thank you,

    More pictures:
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  • JStar JStar @ 9:09 PM
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    Glad you had a good experience. Keep us posted on how it works when winter rolls in.
    - Joe Starosielec

    Guaranteed performance. Guaranteed energy savings.

    Serving all of NJ, NYC, Southern NY State, and eastern PA.
    Consultation anywhere.
    (Formerly "ecuacool")
  • nicholas bonham-carter nicholas bonham-carter @ 10:05 AM
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    New boiler

    Don't forget to insulate those supply pipes before the winter!--NBC
  • Dan Holohan Dan Holohan @ 11:45 AM
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    Great story!

    And I love the happy ending. Please stay in touch as it gets cold, and thanks for making the effort to learn. That's my favorite part of the story!
    Site Administrator

    Hug your kids.
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