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    B F Sturtevant fan coil capacity? (4 Posts)

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    B F Sturtevant fan coil capacity?

    Can anyone help? My customer has a very old system and part has been removed. He is replacing a steam boiler and is figuring the capacity. The coils are much like fin tube, have duct off the back, can't tell you if their is a blower or just outside air. There two 12"dx27wx34"h. Model 331616 10-design 175-size. They are no longer in business. Anyone out there have any ideas?
  • alotlikeearl alotlikeearl @ 7:15 AM
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    Worth a try

    Have you tried going to  and using the contact link to see if they can help?
                       Good luck!   Jerry
  • Steamhead Steamhead @ 11:51 PM
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    If all else fails

    use the capacity of the runout pipe to the coil. It might have been oversized but probably not by much. 
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  • unclejohn unclejohn @ 9:03 AM
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    If I have to

    Guess 175000 btu.
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