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    Taco x-Pump block, cartridge swapping (3 Posts)

  • Solid_Fuel_Man Solid_Fuel_Man @ 8:23 PM
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    Taco x-Pump block, cartridge swapping

    Anyone know if you can change the cartridges to ones of different curves on the XPB?  The sheet states the top and bottom can be switched.  Can I just put a 007 in the top (injection side) for added capacity?

    Thanks all........starting to think about winter already
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  • Rich Rich @ 8:19 AM
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    make the injection pump larger ?  I cannot remember which pump is there , 006 or 008 though .  In either case you don't want to inject too much boiler water into the loop . either the 006 will add 2 GPM to your loop at 7.5' , the 008 will give you 2 GPM at 14+' .  The 007 is more of a flat curve than the others . If anything I would say you need a larger system pump , not more injection . I can't think of a situation where you would need to inject more water into your loop , and if you do require more you probably should use other than the RMB or X Block for your needs .
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  • david sweet david sweet @ 5:51 AM
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    XPB uses 008's

    The Taco X-Pump Block (XPB) uses 2 @ 008 circulators; one variable speed and one fixed speed. Usually the variable speed circulator is used for injection as temperature control and fixed speed is used for system. The XPB is designed for 008 circulators and cannot be substituted for a different model. If more capacity is needed than 2 can be piped in parallel.
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