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  • Ambassador Ambassador @ 2:54 PM
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    Two Burnham oil fired, hot water boilers, lost in 16 years. Boiler # 1 lost in 3 years, Boiler # 2 lost this year, 14 years old,. Cracked cast iron section. Model # PV78WCTBWN.
    Piped beautifully, 5 circulators, 27 zone valves. Sits a large 6 car garage at the back adjacent to inside basement wall. Provides domestic hot water to an 80 gallon SuperStor Ultra. Any ideas?
  • Zman Zman @ 2:57 PM
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    Thermal Shock

    Thermal shock would be my first suspect.
    Condensation would be the next.
    Is it radiant heat?
    Do you have pictures or drawing of the piping?
  • Robert O'Brien Robert O'Brien @ 3:59 PM
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    Cracked section?

    Where? On right side above cleanout? If so,it's quite common on V7 boilers
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