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    Older HVAC Ductwork & Asbestos (5 Posts)

  • BradHotNCold BradHotNCold @ 4:33 PM
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    Older HVAC Ductwork & Asbestos

    Have inspected house we are buying. Found asbestos wrapped ductwork in walls. As house has had HVAC system replaced, but old ducts not removed about 10 years ago, what test should be conducted to be sure asbestos is not in home atmosphere?
  • BillW BillW @ 4:51 PM
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    Check with your local authorities, and comply with your local codes.  You may need to hire an Environmental Engineer or an Industrial Hygienist to do the testing.  Asbestos, if damaged or disturbed and then gets airborne is a big problem.  Some jurisdictions allow for encapsulation, others demand complete rip-out, and any asbestos remediation work has to be done by a contractor trained and certified to do so.
  • BradHotNCold BradHotNCold @ 5:26 PM
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    More Info

    Failed to mention that old ductwork was reused for new system. House also had addition put on in last 10 or 15 years so ductwork was added to, etc.
  • unclejohn unclejohn @ 10:31 PM
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    Just Look

    In the phone book. There are pleanty of asbestos people out there. Most will try to charge double or triple for test results the next day. Just say you can wait the week or 10 days and you normally get the results back in two or three days anyway.
  • BradHotNCold BradHotNCold @ 8:18 AM
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    Follow up Question...

    What specific test(s) should be ordered?

    And thanks for the help -- and Dan, thanks for providing The Wall!
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