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    Navien NR-240-A Combustion Analysis? (2 Posts)

  • SpeyFitter SpeyFitter @ 2:54 PM
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    Navien NR-240-A Combustion Analysis?

    Hey guys - I've sent Navien an email about this but I want to see if anyone in here knows as well. I've read through the instruction manual included with the unit and other then recommended gas pressure range, I can not find any combustion (analysis) specifications. Anyone know?  (I'm a Class 'A' Gas Fitter in BC Canada commissioning some of these at work - I WILL be putting an analyzer on it).
    Class 'A' Gas Fitter - Certified Hydronic Systems Designer - Journeyman Plumber
  • aasquared aasquared @ 6:45 PM
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    I am curious if you have ever found out about the combustion readings as I am about to check one out. I too am a A fitter living in BC.
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