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    Finding a Service Guy (3 Posts)

  • BobAlu BobAlu @ 1:03 PM
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    Finding a Service Guy

    I figured I'd come to the pros with this question...where can I find a qualified service guy to do maintenance on my Viessmann Vitodens gas boiler? My not to be named installer does not respond to my my emails or phone calls as I assume Sandy installs may be keeping him busy and any maintenance stuff gets put on the back burner? I had my Vitodens installed close to three years ago and nothing has ever been done to it. Knock on wood that it has been trouble free but I'm sure there must be some sort of maintenance that needs to be done? I'm on Long Island in Nassau County and would like any recommendations that you could give! Thanks!
  • bill nye bill nye @ 6:58 AM
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    Did you ...

    Did you try looking here ?
  • BobAlu BobAlu @ 10:16 AM
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    No Opinions?

    Not exactly what I was looking for. Sort of like looking in the Yellow Pages or Pennysaver! Word of mouth always carries much more weight. I'll always take a recommendation over a nice pretty ad.
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