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  • rsd rsd @ 12:22 PM
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    centro therm piping

    I am going to have a gas lochinvar boiler and indirect hot water heater installed to replace my 28 year old weil mcclain gas boiler.

    I want the centro therm intake and exhaust to run up the current flue that was designed for the present boiler.  The flue is 8.5" away from the separate fireplace flue, in the same large, square 51" by 51" inch chimney.  Both flue chambers are tiled.

    Are there concerns about the centro therm piping melting in the event of a fire in the separate fireplace flue.  Are there any other products you would recommend for venting up the flue, as I dont want pvc or any piping going out the back of the house.
  • Jack Jack @ 10:51 AM
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    Your problem

    I think, is not melting the pipe. Your problem is that when you have a fire you will be pulling the smoke into the intake of the boiler, and it will not be happy. Somehow, you need to separate these two systems.
  • Chris Chris @ 10:48 AM
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    It's PLASTIC!!!

    What plastic won't melt in a fire? Agree with Jack...
    "The bitter taste of a poor installation remains much longer than the sweet taste of the lowest price."
  • papashawngo papashawngo @ 7:54 PM
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    good stuff

    i agree with jack as well. is it possible to vent your exhause through the flue and draw your fresh air from another location? some boilers allow for unbalanced flue installations ie triangle tube. i have been using the cenrotherm liners for over a year now and absolutely love installing them as opposed to all the other alternatives i have tried
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