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    Edwards Valance Heating (7 Posts)

  • Kevin Koenig Kevin Koenig @ 2:51 PM
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    Edwards Valance Heating

    I have never seen these first hand but I have a hard time believing these are very effective in the heating mode.  The claim is (heating Mode) The fin tube actually heats the ceiling and the IR energy emitted from the ceiling heats the floor or surfaces below thus heating the room.  Ceilings are suspended acoustic ceiling tile at 8' AFF.  Location is Watertown NY .  New construction.   I cant really see how they collect and drain condensate in the cooling mode.  If anyone can pass on there experience with these devices I would appreciate the feedback.    Kevin
  • kcopp kcopp @ 8:42 PM
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    The first time...

    I saw these were in my sons dorm room in Buffalo, NY. They do heat. Not sure of the condensing features unless they boost up a lot of element.
  • nicholas bonham-carter nicholas bonham-carter @ 11:58 PM
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    Unusual radiators

    Are these hot water, or steam? --NBC
  • Dan Holohan Dan Holohan @ 2:35 PM
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    Our daughter, Erin, went to Loyola College in Maryland

    She lived in a high-rise dorm with these. They worked great in both heating- and cooling-mode and they were silent.

    If you're ever in Providence, RI, walk across the pedestrian bridge that goes from the Westin hotel to Providence Place Mall. It's heated and cooled with an Edwards unit.

    It's a wonder they didn't do better than they did.
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  • Kevin Koenig Kevin Koenig @ 8:59 AM
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    Edwards Valance

    Thanks All.  It certainly knocks a lot of cost out of a job as apposed to using fan coil units. No fan to power or maintain. Very simple system.  Easy to install.  Easy to pipe.  I do see a condensate drain on the valance.  Thanks for the feedback.  Kevin.
  • John_S John_S @ 1:17 PM
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    Valance Heat/Cool

    Installed this system in a residence hall at New School University in NYC with great success.  Also incorporated into a design at Stony Brook University new construction.  Dealing with condensate drainage can be an issue if not thought out carefuly, but the equipment itself is maintenance friendly and well worth initial investment to avoid the dreaded PTAC/PTHP.   Good luck, 
  • jumper jumper @ 1:43 PM
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    excellent system but

    Complaints that heating mode could smudge ceiling. Condensate draining can be problematic with any system. Just ask any AC tech. Virtually every valance I've seen used hot water but I think steam is better because I don't like hot water up there.

    The reason why it's not more common has to do with distributing chilled water to every room. Insulating pipes is expensive and must be done correctly.
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