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    Pilot question (3 Posts)

  • Boston Boston @ 11:40 AM
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    Pilot question

    I went to my local plumbing parts supplier to get a replacement pilot for my burnham boiler.  The gave me a universal replacement.  It looks almost identical. I did notice that the orifice in the replacement says BAC .10and my old one says CAP.12. The flame is smaller, but the boiler seems to go on OK.  It did come with a larger orifice .18 but the flame is large and seems like over kill. 
    Is there anything to worry about it the pilot flame is smaller but still works OK?
    Also looking at replacing my aquastat and putting in the hydrostat 3250 plus.  For short money is it worth it?
  • RJ RJ @ 10:19 AM
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    In my years of working on gas fired equip, mostly commercial, I have found most pilots (Honeywell, Johnson controls ) come with a natural gas orfice and a smaller diameter propane orfice. Larger systems use pilots made for there equip. incorpoating either flame rods or U.V scanners
  • Tim McElwain Tim McElwain @ 7:31 PM
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    If your pilot is natural gas

    it should have the .018 orifice. If it is too large then adjust the pilot gas flow at the gas valve. Keep in mind all pilot gas on heating valves is on line pressure it is not regulated.
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