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    What constitutes a complete summer boiler service? (3 Posts)

  • 04090 04090 @ 1:19 PM
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    What constitutes a complete summer boiler service?

    1. Having a Burnham ESC4 that's entering it's 3rd season looked at for the first time.  What should they routinely check or do?

    It's' been working OK, the installer's coming for some unrelated things and said he'd check it over.
  • JStar JStar @ 5:25 PM
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    At the very least, he needs to remove and clean the burners, flame sensor, and igniton system. Check all safety controls. Check combustion piping for obstructions or leaks. If he doesn't have a combustion analyzer, don't let him touch anything.
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    That wasn't impressive

    The installer did a great job clearing a slow drain.

    But wasn't that impressive servicing the boiler.  He checked that the flue wasn't blocked and that the safety switch on it worked by covering the outside vent and causing the system to shut down.  And he hooked up a gauge and said the gas pressure coming in was still low, and that it's probably restricted at the old meter.  I asked about cleaning the burner assembly and he said it's sealed and doesn't need it.  He wrapped up by looking at the pressure gauge and testing the nearby carbon monoxide detector.

    I know, we should call someone else in with a combustion analyzer.    Does the gas company need to increase pressure first? 
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