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    Condensate meter (5 Posts)

  • gcp13 gcp13 @ 1:04 PM
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    Condensate meter

    Just repaired a few leaks on this system.
    140-300 psi steam coming in, reduced with spence valves
    To 5 psi for radiators then to condensate meter then to indirect drain
  • nicholas bonham-carter nicholas bonham-carter @ 1:10 PM
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    district steam

    5 psi is still a bit high for radiator/ main vents/traps to handle. can it be dialed down?--NBC
  • gcp13 gcp13 @ 1:21 PM
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    Lower presure

    Yup,going back when heat is on to test return Lines
    & try to cut down the presure it may need that presure
    To push condensate back lots of back pitched lines
  • RJ RJ @ 4:00 PM
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    steam valve

    The Old Spence amd hoffman press. reducing valves required a set horizontal pipe length coming off the outlet piping as well as the pilot piping, If the piping run was to short the valve may hunt and have a hard time maintaining lower outlet pressures.
  • gcp13 gcp13 @ 9:22 PM
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    Lower presure

    Thanks good info. Not sure how much we'll end up
    Doing. The piping is a mess but they have no
    Complaints about the heat
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