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  • John Certuse John Certuse @ 8:41 AM
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    New Insulation System to Prevent Frozen Pipes FREEZEBLOCKER

    Hi all!
    I am a Forensic Engineer and I investigate the causes of frozen pipes for the insurance industry. I am also the patent holder of an engineered piping insulation system that is specifically designed to prevent pipes from freezing.

    My piping insulation system which I call FREEZEBLOCKER tm is specifically designed to insulate pipes against freezing and does so consistently, quickly and more effectively than conventional pipe insulation practices. It uses an insulating material that is commonly used in the building industry today however does so in a unique yet very effective manner.
    Presently, plumbers rely on the practice of modifying house insulation for a use it was not designed for. This likely explains why frozen pipes are one of the leading causes of building damage in The United States.

    Pipes of all types and systems located in exterior walls, in unheated attics and in floors over unheated spaces are protected against freezing by the FREEZEBLOCKER insulation designs to a degree that far exceeds conventional insulation products.

    FREEZEBLOCKER insulation components designs have been tested by an international piping manufacturer at the Underwriters Laboratory as well as The National Association of Homebuilders research Center with excellent results.

    I am interested in partnering with a company to bring my designs to he plumbing industry.
    Additional information is present on our website [u][color=#0000ff][/color][/u]  as well as sites in LinkedIn and Facebook (Keyword Freezeblocker).
    FREEZEBLOCKER tm - Engineered Freeze Protection Piping Insulation
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