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    dont forget that tower (3 Posts)

  • RJ RJ @ 1:14 PM
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    dont forget that tower

    As we approach fall dont forget to schedule a cooling tower shut down and drain of the smaller towers.  I remember a job in Denver years ago when we forgot to check a tower, we were counting on a auto drain system (3 way zone valve ) that failed. Got a call from the customer  that something did not look right on the tower, , thats when we found the tower and pump froze, the tower looked like a beer can left in a freezer,and the pump volute was cracked.   lesson learned
  • Empire Empire @ 6:15 AM
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    Aahh, ice bad shut down good!

    When I shut down tower, most volute have plugs that I remove and get rid of any standing water especially if it fills the volute, valve etc...

    Mike T...
  • Eugene Silberstein Eugene Silberstein @ 6:28 AM
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    In areas with extreme temperatures, it also does not hurt to pump some antifreeze through the piping. Then, drain the antifreeze and store for next year. Colleagues of mine keep large drums of antifreeze on the job and use them for many years until it becomes too diluted.
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