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    Wireless Temperature Sensor for a Tekmar 279 (?) (3 Posts)

  • Rod Rod @ 1:49 PM
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    Wireless Temperature Sensor for a Tekmar 279 (?)

    Hi- I recently ran across this, a  HBX  WAV-100 Universal Wireless Temperature Sensor and thought it might be interesting to others, especially those using (or thinking about using )  a Tekmar 279 steam control. While it is designed as an out door sensor, it can also be used as an inside sensor. Since i have a steam system, this sensor was the item that interested me. Those of you who have HW systems might want to take a look at their other controls.
    - Rod

    It’s made by:

        HBX Control Systems Inc.
        4516 112 Avenue SE
        Calgary, AB, Canada  T2C 2K2
        Phone: 403 - 720 - 0029
  • Haviara Haviara @ 5:04 PM
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    I am not sure how well it will perform but in theory this sound great. I already am using 2 wired indoor sensors on my 279 and being able to add one or two more would really help get a better average.
  • MarkS MarkS @ 5:26 PM
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    Sticker shock

    It's a bit pricey for what it does, on the other hand it looks like a good fit anywhere you'd need a thermistor-based non-contact temperature sensor. I'm interested in trying one out on my home-grown controls as an indoor temperature sensor I can move around.

    I asked HBX how the unit would behave in the case of a bad sensor or dead battery; they told me the base unit would retry for some period of time then default to a constant 0 degF reading.
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