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    Viessmann vitodens wb2b / 35 pumping (3 Posts)

  • KevinG KevinG @ 3:27 PM
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    Viessmann vitodens wb2b / 35 pumping

    I am installing a Vitodens 200 WB2B 35KW for Hot Water & Heat (Teledyne Larrs indirect) taking off the supply side (bypassing the LLH) and a LLH supplying 3) 3/4" zone valves (honeywell) baseboard 1) 1" zone valve (honeywell) baseboard and a Zone (constant circulation) the coldest room with a vitrotrol 300 (thermostat) with no zone valve. The zones are all different lengths. I will run the system with a outdoor reset and the Vitrotrol 300 will give me the option to get that room a bit warmer when needed. I would like to install 3 Taco Bumblebee circulators. The home is in Stowe Vt. -30 degrees design. and will normally be 50-55 degrees unoccupied. When occupied we like it 70 degrees and have a wood stove and pellet stove hence the vitrotrol 300. Any ideas about pumping, pumps (maybe Delta P) Delta T setpoints or anything else I might find interesting. Thanks for your help in advance. Kevin G.
  • Chris Chris @ 12:04 PM
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    A Bit Curious

    As to how you think the Vitotrol is going to keep the room warmer? What are your thoughts about the effect that Vitotrol is going to have on your other zones. You still only have one heating circuit in the Viessmann world. A Vitotrol is meant to be used in an open floor plan where constant circulation is all you want. Zoning would come from having TRV's on the emitters.
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  • KevinG KevinG @ 10:15 PM
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    The other zones with zone valves will have thermostats and will have balancing valves, to compensate for the different lengths. I will probably leave the setpoint and curve for app. 55 degrees and the 300 and thermostats will prevent overheating when using the pellet & woodstoves.
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