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  • gcp13 gcp13 @ 4:35 PM
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    Too much to list

    Not sure what they were thinking
    I don't know where to start
    2 in header?
    Bullheaded tee,no swing joint
    16 in. A Dimension
    Level mains and back pitched drip returns
    Main air vents 27" above waterline, above boiler
    Plugged pigtail & 3/4 90 for presuretrol
    Hartford loop close nipple 2 " above waterline
    Auto feeder wired wrong not working
  • kevin kevin @ 7:40 PM
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    Looks like that boiler should be in a pit.
  • JStar JStar @ 7:56 PM
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    This is why drop-headers were invented. But, then again, knuckleheads think a dropped header is just a way to get a bruised toe.
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  • kevin kevin @ 8:14 PM
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    drop header

    A drop header wouldnt work there, He said there is 16 in of a dimention. It needs to be in a pit or needs a condesate pump.
  • ChrisJ ChrisJ @ 10:41 PM
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    Header and pump

    In my opinion it needs a drop header and a condensate pump.
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  • Hap_Hazzard Hap_Hazzard @ 5:58 AM
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    Hartford Loop?

    It looks like a completely dry return to me. Probably not a good idea with that A dimension. It probably calls for water mid-cycle, so add "fluctuating water line" to the list of troubles.

    I'm not sure how you measured that A dimension. Is that from the max water line to the header? If there's more than 28" from the water line to the main a drop header should work.
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  • gcp13 gcp13 @ 7:40 AM
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    A dimension

    I measured A dimension from where the
    Feeder satisfies the lwco.
    At that point it was 2 in below Hartford loop
    Close nipple
    It was a toss up weather to raise up above
    Close nipple or get as much distance as possible.
    I would like to pipe the drip down into a wet return and then back to the boiler
    Customer doesn't want to do any work yet ???
  • nicholas bonham-carter nicholas bonham-carter @ 9:25 AM
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    Bad install

    What were the symptoms which led to the service call?--NBC
  • gcp13 gcp13 @ 2:48 PM
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    Check heat

    Check heat for the season
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