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    Trianco Mark II M2 100 start up problems (2 Posts)

  • boilerbaby boilerbaby @ 9:14 AM
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    Trianco Mark II M2 100 start up problems

    I have a this boiler that starting having problems last year with igniter not working. I pulled the igniter out and found black soot falling out. Then it started to flameout. I cleaned the combustion chamber out with a wired brush and vacuumed.Previous owner said he never cleaned it out.
     I also replaced the burner(flameholder) cause it had a few cracks in it and replaced the gas valve as a precautionary. It worked fine for 2 weeks and now it has a start up problem. It cycles through a few times then the Red Flame light on the control board starts flashing. I take power off for 10-15 seconds  & with the timer off and it starts right up and works great for a few days.
    I replaced the igniter, no more soot or particles falling out of the combustion chamber and set the timer back 4 minutes.
     On a cold start the igniter reads 54 ohms with a current draw of 3.8 amps.
     On a warm start the igniter reads 68 ohms with a 3.8 current draw.  The gas valve reads approx. 25v across. 
    The stack switch seems to operate normal.
    I sealed the gas flue with speed tape.
    I have a pressure diff sw on order cause its leaking water at the housing.
    Could some lend a hand in my troubleshooting?   
  • Zman Zman @ 9:25 AM
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    Those boilers are really frustrating to work on. They have fancy controls that really don't tell you what is going on.
    I had a similar experience that ended up being a bad gas valve harness.
    Any chance you can talk the owner into a replacement? The exchangers usually fail about now.
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