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    Water Filter for Alum HX (5 Posts)

  • StefK StefK @ 11:49 AM
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    Water Filter for Alum HX

    Hey All...
    Just wanted opinions on if a water filter would be a the way to go with a Buderus 142 gb because of the aluminum HX and if it was also a good idea to use one with a SS HX as well.
  • SWEI SWEI @ 12:06 PM
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    Water treatment

    e.g. is pretty much mandatory for an aluminum HX.  IMO it's a good idea for any boiler.

    Filtration would be applicable to fill and makeup water and would depend on the water in question.  Most water problems are chemistry-related and will not be affected by a filter.
  • hot rod hot rod @ 5:15 PM
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    a dirt separator

    is a good investment for any hydronic system. It keeps any small and large debris out of pumps, zone valves, heat exchangers, etc.

    Y strainers work but are limited by the screen size, and can plug and reduce the flow in the piping. A separator removes and traps the particles, down to a 5 micron size, below the fluid stream.

    Consider a separator with a magnetic component to keep any ferrous oxide out of the components.
  • Jamie Hall Jamie Hall @ 5:13 PM
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    Won't hurt anything

    won't help anything either.  Filters filter particulates -- however small they may be.  Problems, if any, with heat exchangers come from the dissolved chemical makeup  of the water, and filters won't do anything about that.

    Of course, if your water is seriously full of particulates... but I hope it isn't!

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  • StefK StefK @ 1:41 PM
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    Thanks for the info ....
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